What makes CareTrac Activity Network different?

National Network

Through CareTrac's contacts in the health and fitness industry, we are able to quickly set-up a network of reputable health and fitness providers based on the geographical location of your offices around Australia, enabling your staff to access the network seven days a week wherever there is a CareTrac Activity Centre.

Download a copy of our Outlet List (PDF) or view our interactive Outlet Map.

Payment Plans to suit your needs

A user-pays system where companies only pay for actual staff visitations. Moreover, the monthly capped rate provides financial protection for high frequency users. Participants/companies are not locked into long term memberships. Try our PAYG Calculator to obtain a cost forecast for your organization.

Fixed Weekly Priced Memberships
Providing the advantage of flat rate fees and direct debit payments, for individual members, via credit card or bank account.

All payment plans require a minimum of 30 employees per organization.

Simplified Billing

Your company will need accurate and correct data to justify your expense and measure your overall return on investment. Utilising the employee attendance and reporting system, CareTrac will provide your company with monthly billing which will be seamlessly aligned with your monthly participation reports.

Monitoring and Reporting

Via CareTrac's proprietary technology installed at each partner fitness centre, automatically keeps track of employee attendance. CareTrac will prepare for your company monthly fitness centre utilisation reports which provide feedback on the patterns of utilisation and activity profile of your workforce, these reports assist in your cost centre management, you can set-up report based on company divisions you wish to track.

Employer Subsidisation Program

Employers may choose to subsidise their employee's fitness centre usage at various percentages based on their own company policies and decisions. Support your staff and you will reap the benefits of goodwill, retention and productivity gains.

Can you afford to lose your valuable trained staff?

Workforce retention & productivity improvements

Progressive and innovative companies are now recognising the positive financial return of having staff involved in research-based health and fitness programs and preventative health strategies.

Fifty years ago, the physical nature of work helped maintain the physical condition of the workforce however, technological advancements in the workplace now make it more challenging for employees to gain even minor levels of exercise when at work. The combined effect of increasingly sedentary tasks in the workplace and changes in personal lifestyle habits are resulting in a workforce with reduced physical abilities and increased mental issues such as stress. More and more, corporate Australia is recognizing the benefits to productivity of effective management of the physical and mental fitness of human assets.

The legal imperative

State and Federal OH&S legislation is becoming increasingly specific concerning your obligations to workforce fitness.

Corporate planning demands you ensure your staff have the aptitude and physical fitness for work tasks and that they are discharged in a way that gains optimal benefits for the workforce and for the employer.

CareTrac Activity Network will assist you to meet workforce health and fitness responsibilities by providing high-quality public fitness centres close to employees' homes.

Matthew Hindson Manager, Ausgrid
My blood pressure has improved since my first assessment. I have felt happier and my attitude has changed since exercising more.

As a manager I have encouraged everyone to be involved. I feel we get better productivity and less sick days.