The CareTrac Activity network is an employee health and fitness program providing access to a select number of health & fitness clubs as part of a company/corporate employee benefit program.

How can the CareTrac Activity Network benefit you and your club?

Add new members to your Club

CareTrac activity network can adds dozens of new members to your club every year, who would otherwise have joined a competitive activity centre or not joined an activity centre at all.

No new member acquisition costs

CareTrac actively markets the program and consequently your fitness centre to new companies and employees within existing companies.

Your Club's involvement in the Activity Network offers many benefits now and in the future including:

  • Higher utilisation from high health risk Corporate Clients employees who do not traditionally use fitness centres
  • Higher utilization in general from Corporate Clients employees
  • Simplified and reliable payment system
  • Monthly reports on Corporate Clients participation rates
  • Opportunity to value-add by adding fitness programs, health and fitness assessments and personal training for the Corporate Clients participants
  • No selling required on your behalf for these new participants
Anonymous CareTrac Network Partner
The corporate market has always been hard to crack, especially as an independent fitness centre in only one location.

CareTrac has brought over a 100 new members into my centre and an extra $5,000 per month average income without having to sell or advertise for any of them!

I highly recommend the CareTrac Activity Network to any fitness centre owner if you are in the market for increasing your membership base and making more bottom line profit!