CareTrac is the revolutionary corporate health service creating a healthier and more productive workforce

CareTrac is the future of health and wellbeing - a system that makes fitness and health easy, desirable and affordable. Employees participating in the CareTrac system will be more motivated, healthy and happy, more productive and less prone to sickness and inefficiency.

CareTrac is an Australia wide activity network of health and fitness centre's offered to organisations to provide employees with a convenient & cost effective opportunity to participate in regular exercise and fitness programs.

Imagine a nationwide network that monitors when and where staff participate in health and fitness activity. It also provides qualitative data. A scientific system that will provide information to create a healthier, happy employee and exceptional productivity improvements arising from superior physical and mental wellbeing.

You can either provide workplace support and encouragement for employees to undertake their own program or subsidise their efforts. In doing so, you'll get access to invaluable data at a manageable cost.

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